Who We Are

Textile Exchange is a non-profit organization. We envision a global textile industry that restores the environment and enhances lives. We inspire and equip people to accelerate sustainable practices in the textile value chain. Our work is unique in that we focus on the entire value chain, from production, through manufacturing, to retail.

The Farm Engagement Program helps organic cotton producers build business capacity, gain access to sustainable textile and apparel markets and link to Textile Exchange’s large network of brands, retailers and manufacturers seeking organic cotton. We also help raise awareness of the proven environmental and socio-economic benefits of organic cotton, increase farmer visibility and promote best practice business models.

Our objective is to catalyse growth in more sustainable textile production and markets; promoting organic as the preferred cotton fiber. This means growth that is based on economic fairness and returns, transparency in the supply chain, promotion of best practice business models, ensuring ethical conduct and good relations between producers and the value chain - as well as environmental sustainability.

How does farm engagement work? The Farm Engagement Team works as facilitators, as a network nucleus and conveners to support farmers and the organic value chain as a whole. We prioritize the growth and dissemination of knowledge and work collaboratively to create platforms to support organic cotton production.

The broad skills mix of the Farm Engagement Team allows us both 'to think and to do' - to be an active promoter as well as an institute of learning and knowledge exchange.

We focus on:

  • Research and Analysis
  • Education and Training
  • Industry Integrity
  • Network Building and Market Access
  • Farmers Visibility and Promoting Best Practice
  • Development of Tools to Support Farmers in their Work
  • Monitoring and Assessing Farm Level Impacts

Our Goals are to support organic cotton farmers...

  • Gain access to stable and rewarding value chains
  • To become better organized (as Producer Groups) and better informed
  • To understand and contribute to agro-ecological sustainability
  • Combine a successful business with community needs such as food security
  • Achieve organic status by design not by default



Available Downloads:

>> Textile Exchange North Star

>> Farm Engagement Brochure - English

>> Farm Engagement Brochure - Spanish

>> Farm Engagement Brochure - French

>> Farm Engagement Brochure - Turkish