Farm Library

"We cannot think of our own health in isolation from our environment. Human health, our ecosystems and the planet must be considered (and valued) as a complete system.

We must manage our work with respect, justice and equity. Through knowledge exchange we value our ancient and modern knowledge"

Patricia Flores, IFOAM, Latin America

The Farm Hub library focuses on farm-related information and resources produced by Textile Exchange. For the full range of Textile Exchange publications return to the main publications page.

We also recommend you visit the extensive library services on the Organic Cotton Community Platform site we share with Helvetas. We consider this shared space on the Community Platform to be our 'central library service' in terms of organic cotton agriculture and here you will find well-selected publications from a variety of sources. 

Over time we aim to build our library to include:

  • more reports in Spanish and French
  • more information in video and audio
  • more interactive support