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Welcome to our audio and video section. Here, we will be showcasing the work of our members, plus the occasional 'must see' from elsewhere. Please feel free to make a recommendation!

Video: Seeds of Freedom

Seeds of Freedom is a short film that was launched online in 2012 – it charts the story of seed from its roots at the heart of traditional, diversity rich farming systems across the world, to being transformed into a powerful commodity, used to monopolise the global food system. Sustainable Pulse.

Video: Safia Minney Talks Climate Change with Farmers

Safia Minney (PeopleTree) travelled to India in January 2013 to visit Agrocel Organic Cotton farmers. Watch and learn why organic and Fair Trade farming is so important.

Video: Helvetas Supporting the Growth of Organic in West Africa

A look at how the Swiss NGO Helvetas assists cotton producers financially and technically and links them to international buyers.

Video: Puma Launches Fair-Trade, African-Made “Wilderness” Collection

Puma has released a line of apparel, footwear, and accessories inspired by the landscape and climate of Africa. Primarily sourced and manufactured in Kenya in collaboration with Wildlife Works, which runs an "eco-factory" in Rukinga. More than 80 percent of apparel styles are derived from fair-trade cotton, which not only pays workers an equitable price for sustainably produced cotton, but also provides them with an additional premium for investing in community projects such as education, health care, farming, and infrastructure. Read more in Ecouterre and visit PUMA online.

Video: Diesel & EDUN - A Denim Collection Born In Africa

In January 2012 Diesel founder Renzo Rosso and EDUN's Ali Hewson and Bono traveled to Africa to find out more about each other's programs: Diesel's Only the Brave Foundation initiative in Diori, Mali, and EDUN's Conservation Cotton Initiative in Uganda. The two brands decided to join forces to promote apparel trade and development in Africa, and Diesel + EDUN was born. Available online and in stores this month, the 25-piece collection is sourced and made entirely in Africa using CCI cotton from Uganda.

Video: The Future Of Farming

The Future of Farming, The Rise of the Rural Entrepreneur takes the reader on a journey through the challenges of global food security; including macro perspectives and inspiring stories of leading farmers. Distribution will start mid March. The video here sets the scene.

Video: UK Premiere - Cotton For My Shroud

As part of the Investigative Film Week 2013, Cotton for my Shroud investigates the ongoing farmer suicide crisis in India and the culpability of the multinational Monsanto and the Indian government. It examines the strategy of multinational corporations to control seed supply, and corrupt politicians' willingness to help in this second colonisation of India.

Video: Alabama Chanin - Organic Cotton + Barbeque Picking

Enjoy this beautiful film by Katherine at Eggton capturing the fun and excitement of the first harvest. Fabulous music by Hackensaw Boys!

Video: Fairtrade International - On the Trail of Fairtrade Cotton

Cotton is the main cash crop for many in Senegal and a vital source of income. Follow the Fairtrade team as they head 650 kilometres from the capital Dakar to Senegal’s cotton basin, a poor region cut off from the rest of the world. From humble beginnings, many farmers are now Fairtrade certified… and reaping the benefits. Listen to cotton farmers talk about the concrete benefits Fairtrade has brought to their communities. But also about the challenges they are facing.

Video: Nero's Guest

Nero's Guests by P Sainath 2011 (full length documentary)
Palagummi Sainath (Telugu: పాలగుమ్మి సాయినాథ్) is an Indian journalist. He calls himself a 'rural reporter. He has also said: "There are two kinds of journalists. One kind are journalists, the other are stenographers."

Video: H&M Leads the way in Sustainable Efforts for Earth Day 2012

H&M has branded Conscious* as the name for all of the company’s work for a more sustainable fashion future. Conscious* Collections, Actions, and Products are at the core of the company’s corporate and fashion initiatives. The international fashion retailer is marking Earth Day by celebrating its certification by the Textile Exchange as the biggest user of organic cotton in the world. H&M also welcomes Earth Day this year by releasing a unique video featuring Head of Design, Ann-Sofie Johansson and Head of Sustainability, Helena Helmersson discussing the retailer’s Exclusive Glamour Collection and successful sustainable initiatives.

Video: Billabong - Change Today

Billabong, Anvil and Texas Organic Cotton Farmers form a unique relationship to produce products that aim to make a cleaner tomorrow.

Podcast: Heinrich Schultz speaks at the University of Delaware

Challenges of Including Smallholder Farmers in the Global Organic Cotton Market

Consumer demand is driving the need to expand the production of organic and more sustainably grown cotton. Including smallholder farmers in this growing market is essential to meeting this demand. But there are many challenges involved in this process. In this FIBERcast, Heinrich Schultz and Roger Frank will address some of the challenges involved in this process and discuss strategies to overcome these obstacles. 

For the full FIBERcast series visit:

Video: The Chetna Approach

Euronews terra viva: Chetna boosts organic cotton in India


  • Within 5 years, Chetna Organic developed from a project with 240 farmers into an independent organization with more than 6,000 farmers. In 2009, it registered its own Trading Company.
  • The wellbeing of farmers has considerably improved; labour conditions improved, and environmental degradation was stopped.
  • Chetna expanded its activities from the Indian federal states Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra to Orissa.
  • Chetna Organic Farmers Association (COFA) is strongly networked within and outside India. It has a strong lobby capacity and has been able to positively influence policy on e.g. GMO and integrity on organic certification.
  • Chetna produces cotton in a fair and sustainable way and is Fair Trade certified. It is represented in the Regional Advisory board of FLO.
  • A growing number of European fashion labels, such as Jackpot and Imps&Elfs, procures 100% organic cotton from Chetna.
  • COFA has been elected as board member in MADE-BY.
Visit Chetna and their partner Solidaridad for more information.

Video: Initiatives For Sustainable Cotton

The Vision: Cotton is the most sustainable and, therefore most desired fibre. Collective actions of stake-holders in the cotton industry ensure the fibre makes a positive impact on people and the environment along the entire value chain.

The cotton industry and its stakeholders will fulfil this vision by ensuring that:

  • Ecosystem assets are valued and protected
  • Sustainable livelihoods are available to all producers
  • Closed loop production is the norm
  • Collaboration and transparency extends throughout the supply chain
  • Sustainability defines product value

Find out more:

Meet Cotton Expert - Harry Cotton...

Video: Tohoku Cotton Project, Japan


On March 11th, 2011, the terrible earthquake occurred in Tohoku - the north east part of Japan, and a huge area farmland was cover with salty water from the sea by the Tsunami.

The Tohoku Cotton Project, works with farmers to plant cotton where the farmers cannot produce rice and other crops and aims to restart the farming there. A cause-related marketing initiative will enable fashion companies to put consumers in touch with the products “Cotton from Tohoku”.

The project has a vision to produce the cotton organically. Mitsuya Inagaki, Production Manager (Lifestyle Business Division) at Kowa Ltd saysIt might be difficult, but we endeavor to make a bridge from Tohoku to our future society".

He adds "We do this project on the platform of farmers, cotton manufacturers, apparels and brands, retailers and consumers to encourage the recovery for people in Tohoku area continuously".

Video: by TAO Lifestyle

TAO Lifestyle new video aimed "to educate people that by putting on an organic T-shirt, we are giving hope to our world". 

Video: Kapas - Economic and Environmental Justice in Organic Cotton 

Kapas seeks to solidify India's position as the world's largest producer of organic cotton, by addressing not just the cotton production issue, but readying the commercial chain from seed through finished garments. This film explains the importance of cotton in the global and Indian economies, describes the challenges, and introduces the Kapas program.

Find out more about the Kapas program here

Video: Disney raises awareness of organic cotton in Times Square

A 60 second video produced by Anvil is currently running on the six-story high Disney Store Digital Billboard in Times Square!  An Anvil version of this video will be released for Earth Day (and we will feature on the TE Farm Hub). 

Equally exciting is the fact that Disney has produced a Disney 365 video about their "Friends For Change" program presented by Austin & Ally from the Disney Channel and featuring Disney's very own organic t-shirts made by Anvil. You can find the video on the Disney Channel or check it out here on youtube.

PLUS: For a limited time, offers a free music download when you track a t-shirt – the song is Rise by the McClain sisters (who were featured recently at the White House).

Video: Achieving Food Security

World Scientists Urge Key Actions for Achieving Food Security in a Changing Climate 

About the video:
 To achieve food security in a changing climate, the global community must operate within three limits: the quantity of food that can be produced under a given climate; the quantity needed by a growing and changing population; and the effect of food production on the climate. At present the planet operates outside that safe space, as witnessed by the enormous number of people who are undernourished. If current trends in population growth, diets, crop yields and climate change continue, the world will still be outside this 'safe operating space' in 2050. Humanity must urgently work to enlarge the safe space and also move the planet into the safe space. The Commission on Sustainable Agriculture and Climate Change has a produced a set of concrete policy actions to transform the food system.

Video: Farmer in Burkina Faso Producing High Quality Organic Cotton 

January 3rd 2012: Organic cotton farmers in Burkina Faso have seen an increase in demand for their product in the last few years, and European and American textile manufacturers can’t get enough of the cotton, reports Africa Business. Read the full article in the Africa Business Report here.

Video: Why organic cotton?

Organically Grown Group - vision of making a huge impact

Video: Organically Grown is proud to play an active role in the organic revolution. Our apparel is made from 100% organic cotton, which is grown using safe, pesticide-free methods from plants that are not genetically modified. We support the organic farming community and organizations worldwide that are committed to a green, sustainable environment. 

Video: North Carolina's first certified organic cotton

TS Designs Announces First Certified Organic Cotton Harvested in North Carolina

Video: In 2006, Eric Henry, president of TS Designs, and Brian Morrell, president of Mortex Apparel, met with experts in state agriculture. Their mission: to grow organic cotton in North Carolina. The response: it can’t be done.

Now, five years later a usable volume of USDA-certified organic cotton is being harvested in North Carolina. Despite a myriad of challenges to growing organic cotton in the state, including weeds, pests and defoliation issues, two North Carolina farms – Hickory Meadows Organics and Parrish Enterprises – have grown 65 acres of healthy organic cotton that will be harvested by the end of the month.


Video: Vega - One Minute Journey Organic Cotton In Brazil

Take a one minute journey with Veja through the processing of their organic cotton in Brazil!

Video: Veja's cotton is grown by smallscale farmers in the state of Ceará, a semi-arid region of northern Brazil. Enjoy the music, visuals, and high-speed experience of creating a fabulous Veja organic cotton shoe.


 Find out more about Veja here

Audio: Interview with Dr John Reganold, Washington State University, U.S.A

"One of the issues with climate change we are concerned about in certain areas is drought. What we find in those areas is that organic farmers tend to be more resilient to crop pressures and yields tend to be pretty good during drought times." 




listen here


Dr John Reganold is Regents Professor of Soil Science at Washington State University. He is one of the premier scientists in the world in sustainable agricultural research. Here he talks to Textile Exchange's Farm Engagement Director, Liesl Truscott, about the role of organic farming in global food production, genetically modified crops and climate change.


Audio: Interview with Artila Artem, Organic Trade Services, Turkey

"It takes a few years to convert to organic; to learn the skills and the techniques, to get the earth responding... One must be very patient... and willing to help each other. Our motto is: life is good when you share"






[Listen here]


Atila Ertem, organic expert, tells us about his pioneering days at the legendary organic company Rapunzel, for which he was working as general manager for 20 years before he started his own consulting business with OTS. You can hear the full interview as a podcast here (including Atila's insight into the exciting sustainable development project in South East Anatolia of Turkey) or read the abridged version in the Engage newsletter, May 2011.

The abridged interview can be read in Engage May 2011, Issue 11

Audio: Interview with Keith Tyrell, PAN UK

“I think ecological and organic agriculture is the solution to climate change, not only because it is lower in emissions, but also because it is inherently more resilient to climate shocks.”









Keith Tyrell, Director of Pesticide Action Network (PAN) UK talks to Textile Exchange about the role of organic agriculture in a time of climate change. Hear what he has to say...

The Interview has been recorded in two parts:

In Part 1 you can hear about Keith’s formative years; his professional development and wealth of experience with farming and trade issues in developing countries, to his current position with PAN today. Also in part 1 Keith outlines the issues and challenges facing farmers in an age of climate change and introduces the benefits of organic and ecological agriculture. (Length of podcast is 10 minutes).

part 1 here


Part 2 takes you further into the solutions... and tells an inspiring story about organic cotton farmers in Benin remaining food secure last season despite the heavy flooding. Keith talks candidly about PANs role and how they work collaboratively with farmers, retailers and other organisations, to promote, educate and achieve the proven benefits of organic and ecological agriculture. (Length of podcast is 15 minutes).

part 2 here

The abridged interview can be read in Engage, March 2011,Issue 9


Video: Nnimmo Bassey, Head of Friends of the Earth

GM crops a failure in developing countries, says Friends of the Earth

Video: Nnimmo Bassey, head of Friends of the Earth International dismisses the biotech industry's claims that GM crops require fewer pesticides and produce higher yields. 

Read the Guardian article here.

Video: Fair Trade USA and Textile Exchange partnership

Fair Trade USA and Textile Exchange new strategic partnership announced on CSR Minute Headlnes. The partnership has been set up to help brands with responsible sourcing of organic and fair trade cotton. The partnership will focus on market-linkage, joint conferences and tradeshows, and the development of educational materials. Fair Trade USA is a third-party certifier of Fair Trade products in the U.S., and Textile Exchange facilitates the global organic cotton and sustainable fiber supply chain.

Video: Maggies Organics - The Fabric of Humanity

Maggie’s line of is organic and fairtrade apparel is made in Central America. The Company has worked since 2001 to develop their supply chain from the ground up. Today Maggie’s Farm is proud of what they have accomplished with every worker in the chain and of the partnerships they have developed with them. Learn more about Maggie's Farm in the video below.

Video: Anvil Organic - Organic Matters

This thought provoking video educates us all about the impact of pesticide use on the environment and people in a moving and thought-provoking way; encouraging us to think about how our choices can support organic farming and help care for the Earth.

Video: Lily Cole in India with EJF seeing Climate Week t-shirt production

British model Lily Cole visited India with the Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF) to follow the supply chain of a climate neutral t-shirt, from the hand cultivation of organic cotton right through to the factory built out of recycled materials, making T-shirts whose carbon footprint is 90% smaller than that of a conventionally manufactured equivalent.


Video: Patagonia Footprint Chronicles - Organic Cotton Jeans Design

Allisan Pettitt, Patagonia lifestyle material developer, talks about the difficulty of sourcing high-quality organic cotton denim in the U.S. and what goes into making a great-fitting pair of environmentally conscious jeans.

Video: Sustainable Fashion by H&M

H&M's most important greener material right now is organic cotton. Organic cotton is cultivated without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers, which means it is better for the environment and for the farm workers. H&M has been selling clothes containing organic cotton since 2004, and they are still continuing to invest in this initiative. The aim is to increase the use of organically grown cotton by 50% every year until 2013.

Hear what H&M's Henrik Lampa, Mathilda Tham from Beckmans College of Design and Marcus Bergman from the Swedish School of Textiles in Borås, Sweden have to say about sustainable fashion and organic cotton – and what you can do to minimise your impact on the environment.


Video: Organic Cotton Animation

A short film about organic cotton.

Video: Eileen Fisher - Organic Cotton From Peru

Learn about the story of Eileen Fisher clothes made from organic cotton grown in Peru. The importance of beautiful and quality clothes made from cashmere-like organic Peruvian cotton is top priority of Eileen Fisher and how it translates into long-term ecological sustainability. 70% of Eileen Fisher's cotton is organic.