Inspiring Moments


This year at Textile Exchange we are celebrating our 10 year anniversary. As part of the celebrations we are show-casing pioneers and leaders in organic cotton. Our Inspiring Moments have been submitted by members and friends of Textile Exchange, and capture snapshots of people's lives that inspire us all. Each month, we add a new 'Inspiring Moment' to our online gallery for you to enjoy, and have produced a calendar for 2013 made up of these beautiful images.

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 By Rajeev Baruah, bioRe India

Cover Photo: The gift of organic cotton

Photographer: Jörg Böthling

About the photo: Proud mother very fondly hands over organic cotton to her daughter, telling her “the way I care for you I care for this land and that is the reason why I am an organic farmer. I grow the fiber of the present and the future. This land needs to be treated with utmost care or it will age prematurely!”

bioRe India is situated in the heart of central India (in the state of Madhya Pradesh) and is the starting point of a unique international network: network-bioRe. bioRe production of quality textiles fulfils the strictest ecological and social requirements. The bioRe team work together with the farming community at the grass roots level to achieving good yields and sustainability in organic agricultural practices, procuring the certified organic cotton from the individual farmers by paying them fair prices, ginning it and eventually converting the cotton yarns to bioRe garments or sold as organic cotton.