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Making Informed Choices

Making Informed Choices is a suite of short documents designed to give you a brief and objective overview of a number of issues facing consumer choice today. Each document introduces the topic and provides a number of links to further reading. Click on the photo to access the pdf. Pesticides Appendix is available here.

Internal Control Systems for Organic Cotton Production

An Internal Control System (ICS) allows producer groups to practice group certification, where individual certification would be onerous and costly. The main objective of an ICS and group certification is to reduce the cost of certification without compromising the quality. Find out more about how this works in the document attached. 

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Guidance for the Co-existance of Organic and GMO Cotton in India

This guidance document provides a set of best practice protocols for organic cotton farming projects and their certifiers to avoid and prevent GM contamination. The guidance is not a substitute for all the normal obligations of standards and certification. Rather, it is a supplement to ensure a more consistent and reliable approach to the sometimes wide variation in how these are applied "in the field".

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