Remei AG business model


Remei's Simone Seisl delivers an excellent and detailed overview of the company's approach to business. This is no 'business as usual' account of textile production: from the growing of the organic cotton, to the socially and environmentally sound manner in which textiles are manufactured. You will hear how Remei go that extra step both up and down the supply chain and are at the forefront of breakthrough innovation (such as carbon 'insetting', and product tracking). Remei shows us how it's done! 

We are hugely grateful to Patrick Hohmann, founder and director of Remei and the bioRe Foundation, for allowing us to share this extraordinary presentation. We suggest you set some time aside to absorb and enjoy. Why not include it as a staff training session or introduction to best practice for your Board, senior management team, or supply chain partners? 

Notes on playing the audio-visual: Simone's presentation takes approximately 10 minutes if you run through it from start to finish. Click on the image above to download the presentation. You will need to click from one slide to the next after Simone stops talking at the end of each slide. This will allow you to control the flow of the presentation and perhaps arange talking points to engage your colleagues and focus discussion. 

To find out more please visit Remei AG Switzerland, bioRe India, and bioRe Tanzania.

Also available online is Remei's latest Annual Report.