Special Reports

Organic Cotton Sourcing Guide - Turkey   (2013)

Textile Exchange and Turkish Partners Produce New Sourcing Guide 

The Guide to Sourcing Organic Cotton in Turkey gives readers an introduction to Turkish Organic: where its grown, manufactured and some of the people involved. The Guide opens with an "Organic Cotton 101" since many of our members felt there was a need for more information on how to get started in organic and how to go about sourcing responsibly.—

We plan to create a new guide each year focussing on different producer regions. Each new guide will be launched at our annual conference. This year we have a perfect match – with the regional focus being Turkey and our conference location being in Istanbul. Next year, our second guide will be focussed on the Americas and will be launched at our conference in Portland, USA.  

Thank you to our publication partners: Southeastern Anatolia Project Regional Development Administration, Control Union, Egedeniz, Orimpex, and Sanko. 

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Conference Delegate's Guide to Organic Cotton  (2011)

Conference Delegate's Guide to Organic Cotton. 

Part I of ‘The Guide’ takes a look at the impacts of cotton growing and the advantages of organic through the following lenses:

Health & Safety, Biodiversity, Soil, Water, Climate Change, Rural Development, Country of Origin, Trade Relations, Market Growth, and Consumer Awareness.

In part II we introduce you to the organic cotton farm leaders who attended the Textile Exchange conference in Barcelona. Here you find out more about the size and scale of some of the organic cotton businesses, and the people who make it happen. 

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World Environment Day 2011

In July 2011 we released our 12th issue of Engage; coinciding with the United Nation’s World Environment Day. To celebrate both events Textile Exchange published a special issue of Engage, highlighting some of the key indicators of sustainable development and showcasing how investment in organic cotton production is a powerful contribution to achieving a more sustainable world. An astounding 100 million people grow cotton around the world most of them on less than 2 ha of land.  Bringing ‘sustainable cotton production’ to scale will depend on how each and every one of these farmers cares for the soil, water and biodiversity of their small acreage.   Find out about World Environment Day here www.unep.org/wed/index.asp

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Cotton Briefings 2011

Our first series of ‘Cotton Briefings’ is a compilation of short articles prepared by the Farm Engagement Team, with additional input from expert organisations and esteemed colleagues. This document provides background to issues in cotton production; challenges, opportunities, benefits and solutions for organic cotton; some new, others ongoing. We have added additional reading to many of the Briefings for you to explore and provided a number of resource links as well. It is written for the interested stakeholder wanting to get enough information to understand the complexity of the issues at hand – without being overwhelmed.

We think organic agriculture contains the attributes the world needs for cotton fiber production in the 21st Century. Within these Briefings we hope you find inspiration too!

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