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What Is World Environment Day?

The United Nation’s World Environment Day is an annual event that is aimed at being the biggest and most widely celebrated global day for positive environmental action.

The World Environment Day celebration began in 1972 and has grown to become one of the main vehicles through which the United Nations stimulates worldwide awareness of the environment.  This year the theme is THINK EAT SAVE.

The awareness-raising starts now and culminates on the 5th of June. 

What Are We Doing?

Textile Exchange is proud to be partnering 24 of our members: from brand and retailers and manufacturers to organic cotton producer groups. Together we are supporting 12 local schools, many in the heart of an organic cotton growing community. 

We are using the theme THINK EAT SAVE to promote food security and nutrition. We are doing this by raising school children’s awareness of the traditional food crops grown alongside cotton. These are nutritious edibles such as sorghum, millet, chickpeas, mubovora (pumpkin) and paddy. Some of these crops have been around a long time but are at risk of disappearing. They are important for the biodiversity of our plant, adaptation to climate change, as well as for their nutritional value.

How Does the Theme Fit With TE’s Work?

Since we work closely with organic cotton farmers around the world, we thought a great way to raise awareness of crop diversification - and give something back to these communities - would be to provide a learning experience for the children. Each child from the 12 designated schools gets to create a masterpiece of art or craft – “From the field to my plate” - looking at the different food crops, grown alongside the cash crops (cotton), that they enjoy eating on a regular basis.

The competition will not only be about the various foods grown in organic cotton fields but how the child will pitch the advantages of local, safe, fresh food production, cooking and the importance of nutrition, to their schoolmates, parents, and teacher.

Our Partners

We are thrilled to be partnering 24 organizations; representing the entire cotton value chain (farmers, manufacturers, brands and retailers) from around the world! This partnership allows us the unique opportunity to reach directly to the schools, support their education, and form a true partnership for World Environment Day.

Sponsors Local Champions Schools
bgreen apparel Bio Kishovarz Co-op (Tajikistan) Bobojon Gafurov, Sughd Region
C&A Foundation Mahima (India) Swayam Academy, Dhar
Dibella Agrocel (India) Padampar Primary School, Rapar, Kachchh
Esquel Esquel (China) Schools of Gongliu, Bachu, and Urumqi Counties
Inditex Mecilla (China) Special Ed. Unit, Children's Palace, Guangzhou
Loomstate Appachi (India) Nachiar Vidyalayam, Tamil Nadu
Otto Group OBEPAB/Helvetas Benin (Africa) Batia Public Elementary School, Dept. of Atacora
Patagonia bioRe Tanzania (Africa) Dakama Primary School, Meatu District
Pants To Poverty        Bio Farmer Co-operative (Kyrgyzstan)        Secondary School No 24, Oblastkyrgyzstan
PUMA Chetna (India) Tribal Residential School, Bandhapari, Odisha 
Quiksilver Pratibha (India) Vasudha VidyaVihar, Indore 
Textile Exchange ESPLAR (Brazil) Campanha de Fortalecimento da Agricultura Familiar











What Is Each Partner Doing?

Without the support of our friends in both the producing and the retail countries this activity would never have been possible.

There are two layers of support:

The local champion is doing most of the work (outside of the kids of course!). This person is responsible for contacting the school, assisting the teachers on the education side and is also the judge of the first round.

In the retail countries the participating companies are supporting the producer liaison by helping cover the costs and providing the prizes. Each participating school (irrespective of whether they win or not) receives a certificate and 100 Euro prize of their choice - books and/or sports gear The overall winning school receives an extra prize and becomes the Textile Exchange World Environment Day Ambassador 2013!

What Happens Next?

1st – 17th May            School children will be busy at work with their assignment.

                                  Each Producer Group or Manufacturing partner will be responsible for the first round of judging. Up to
                                  10 finalists will make it through to the next round.

20th May                    Photos of the 10 finalists’ artwork will be sent to their company partner for the next round of judging.

24th May                    The winners from each school will be selected by the sponsoring company.

29th May                    Winners from each school will be posted on the Textile Exchange website. Voting commences for the                                         overall winner and a runner-up.               

5th June                     WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY! The winner and runner up will be announced.

                                 The winner will become the Textile Exchange World Environment Day Ambassador!

What Can You Do To Get Involved?

We would love YOU to spread the word about our participation in World Environment Day. Tell your friends, link from your website, write a story, social media us (twitter, facebook).  Anything you can say would be nice! 

Follow the childrens' progress... To view photographs from the schools involved - check us out on Pinterest! Click Here


For more information please do not hesitate to contact:

Carlotta Cataldi


Liesl Truscott


original sketches by Carlotta Cataldi



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