Dakama Primary School - Tanzania

The dug water well aside is used for provision of livestock drinking water and t for small scale irrigation horticultural crops.


Wild animals are migrating from the deforested area with dry land and high sunlight to vegetation with high rainfall and high availability of water. Hence deforestation is bad to the environment it makes wild animals suffer from harsh condition e.g. lack of water, pasture and hibernating places.

Near their house there is a hive which is for the purpose of stingless bee keeping which in turn gives honey for home consumption when they harvest and also they keep animals which gives milk to their homestead and provides manure which is used for the home garden they have established. They have a water collection tank which is used by the family members for home uses.


They have dug a shallow water well which is used for watering the home garden also they keep cattle which is to provide farm yard manure. 

Farm yard manure is used in the field to increase soil fertility and hence healthy plant, fast growing and quality fruits. Also there is a water collection tank which provides water for home consumption and small scale irrigation

They are weeding in the cotton farm then when this cotton is processed they get clothes, then they do put farm yard manure to the cotton field to increase soil fertility.

The smokeless stove uses little firewood and less smoke hence stopping carbon dioxide emission to the environment.  If compared with the smoke stove which uses high amount of firewood and emits a lot of carbon dioxide to the environment.