Nachiar Vidyalayam Matric Hr. Sec. School - India

Introduction: The world is running towards the peak of success to attain many positive things and finally reach its goal. Though we may reach the peak, the negative things and the losses that we will meet and had already met are very dangerous. Even if we reach the peak of success the drawback that we face during the primary journey will totally diminish our success and the effect due to this will be horrible.

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Introduction: Due to manmade actions, the nature is being destroyed and if it prolongs there would be no place for us to live in. We are facing this harming situation now. Let us widen the way we think and sow the organic seeds to save:

  • Our health
  • Our soil
  • Our environment
The prime reason people choose to use inorganic farming is that they yield high and give high price to the producer. However, the negative impact of inorganic farming caused over human beings is alarming. It is a clever thing to change to organic farming. This is a crucial time to Think, Eat and Save our Earth as well as ourselves.

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Introduction: “Mom, where’s my food tablet (single cell protein)? It’s already late!” says the child to his mother. Having lost all the food, the world moves towards a new world with bio-technology ruling the earth. This is our near future. To avoid these consequences of human activities, let us see what are the steps we have to take.

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