Padampar Primary School - India

I have made a depiction on chart related to crop cultivated in my organic farm. These are the produce which has been cultivated from my farm. How it will come from field to my dish. This produce is organic. We cultivate our fields through organic means. We use organic fertilizers.


I have prepared a picture of water holding pot. On this pot a have kept a glass with long handle which keeps                           us free from contamination. It shows that our water and food is hygienic. We all should make it our habit.                           Clean food & water keeps us healthy.

I prepared picture for food cleanliness. I get the food from my farm by organic farming. I get grains, cereals, green vegetables, fruit & cow milk for my diet. In my farm there are many birds like sparrow, pigeon, peacock, crow etc. out of this I like the sweet sound of koyal. There is a Neem tree (Azadirachta indica) also in my farm, some time we used its leaves as medicine. In my farm we get good crop of cotton. In soil of my farm there are earthworms.

 In my farm my parents do organic farming. We cultivate cotton, wheat, sorghum, Green gram, cumin. We have some plantation crops too in my farm like sapota, Lemon, Coconut. Jamfal. We have a cow too in our farm which regularly gives milk. We are very happy with with our sustainable agriculture techniques which we are using in our farm.

I leave with my parents in my farm. My parents do organic farming by growing cotton, grains, cereals, spices, vegetables etc. We every day eat food and fruits cultivated in our farm. The milk of our cow & buffalo, as well as butter milk, curd, ghee made from it is very testy and enjoyable. In my farm there are many varieties of birds. I do like to hear their sweet sound. After completion of my all study, I will do organic farming, I will see that no one cuts trees; I will grow new trees and will never have any bad habits.

My parents grow these types of food grains in their field.

Grains: Pearl millet, Wheat, Sorghum
Cereals: Moog, Chickpea, Choli,
Oil-Seeds: Ground Nut, Mastard, Teel, Cotton Seed
Spices: Jeera, Methi, Dhanna
Vegetables: Bhinda,Tameto, Guvar, Turiya, Doothi
Fruits: Lemon, mango, Bore, Ambali

We cultivate above all crops under organic farming and we do use for our daily requirements. And give the excess to others. We reserve the seeds in earthen pots at our home. There are many trees in our farm. We grow new trees also.

I have prepared a pictures related to food and water. My pictures show that we should eat hygienic food. We should use good & clean utensils. These good habits keep us healthy.

I have prepared a picture on balance diet which shows eating certain things in moderation, namely saturated fat, Trans fat, cholesterol, refined sugar, salt and alcohol in such a way that provide full nutrition to our body. Picture shows that what should be our food like in how much amount we should take pulses, cereals & green vegetables.

My kitchen utensils and vegetables depicted in my picture. Vegetables and fruits cultivated in organic farming in my organic farm. In my farm we grow Grains, Cereals and Oil seeds related crops. The vegetables and fruit cultivated by organic methods are fresh as well as of best quality. By eating this health remain good. 

In our farm we do organic farming, we use & cultivate homemade seeds; We irrigate our crops through drip-irrigation and save water. We grow Vegetables, Pearl Millets, Wheat, Cumin, Cotton, Green gram, Sesame, Guar, and Alfalfa. We prepare compost & organic fertilizer and spread in the farm. My mother prepares fresh meals from the material grown in our farm. Along with these meals, we intake milk and fruits of our farm. Due to this our health always remains good. Organic farming reduces the farming expenses, we like this. I want to learn making of Organic fertilizers. For Environment preservation we will grow trees. We will never let it cut.