Schools of Gongliu, Bachu and Urumqi Counties - China

Hometown is a land full of love, is scenery worth engaging to. Harmonious neighborhood is the countersign of neighborhood, a key factor to civilized city construction, an essential carrier of ethic quality and a major reflect of civilization quality of human beings. Little things like protecting trees, forest resources, flowers and plants will make our planet more beautiful. Environmental protection is everyone’s responsibility and we should know that it starts from us first. Protecting the environment related to all of us, so let’s take action from you and me, from little things, work hand0-in-hand to build a sweet home! A new social relationship has been built, and a deep love has flow all around the neighborhood. With environment protection sense, we will work hand-in hand to build a green and happiness community. 


I glanced at the kitchen trash bin inadvertently when I going to the canteen, and I was shocked at what I discovered. Most food was poured into the trash bin and it was wasteful. Then I remembered the public service advertisement “finish all the food in dishes, and I would be proud of myself” involuntarily. It was said from the advertisement that in every six seconds there will be one person die for hunger. I was ashamed when I think of this. What we ordered on the table could help those hungry kids, and even save them. Some people would say that the reason for ordering more dishes was to enhance the atmosphere and it would be stingy for ordering fewer dishes. I would suggest that order less food, pack up all leftovers if any and finish them in the next day would not affect its taste. This is much better than waste food.

In our life time, there will be twenty percent people in the world wasting water. If at any chance I can meet with these people, I would like to say: “Uncles and Aunts, water is one of the most necessary resources for our living.” Water is our life, and we might lose our life without water. Water is the most precious and limited resource that nature gave us, and we should treasure this resource in our life time. It is always saying that “Frugality is an estate alone.” Therefore, we should treasure the water resources from now on.

This tree planting car I invented is able to perceive the surroundings outside by the brightness. It has four mechanical arms, two of them are shovel, and another two are clamps for picking up and planting saplings. All planted saplings will be watered by sprinkler heads directly. This car is small and exquisite, and it can get with various kind of environment. No matter if it is in swamp or desert, it will not get stuck in swamp or sediment due to its four cylindrical supports. How do you think about this invention?

Loads of waste will damage the surface of the earth. It affects the appearance of the natural environment, and also breaks the ecological balance. It contains a large number of microorganisms and became a breeding place for those germs, virus and insects, which was quite dangerous to human health. Although we have lot of rubbish bins in our daily life, phenomenon of littering can still be found somewhere. This automated rubbish bin I invented will clean up the street in the first time, and will save manpower and physical resources.

As long as our society has developed, our dietary habit has had a very big change; especially those young students were likely to eat junk food with no quality or health security rather than traditional food with nutrition. Eating junk food will not give us any nutrition we need for our health, instead, it wastes a lot of money. Therefore, you may find a promoted way and method to absorb the real nutrition from my artwork.

We are living on the beautiful and vast grassland. It breeds us year by year. Our live stocks like sheep, house and cattle are also enjoying the gift of nature. We become good friends. We live together harmoniously, and singing the happiest song for every day. I hope I could live here forever. 

Our grandfathers and lovely villagers are living in a clean and peace village, they are very happy.

There are many forms of life on earth: trees, flowers, rivers and mountains that all used led joyous lives. The trees are so vigorous, the flowers are so bright, the grasses are so flash and the rivers are so crystal. All of these brought beautiful presence of the earth. But unfortunately, when human beings appeared, rubbish can be found everywhere. Trees began to shrivel, flowers began to rot, grass began to be trampled, and river began to be polluted. The earth looks ugly. The huge banyan called a meeting, invited many ammines from forecast to ask them to erect a monument to warn human beings to stop destroying the earth. The action works, human beings start caring about environment, love the earth which eventually resumed her beautiful face. Every time when the earth is praised by human beings, the earth says: “I am appreciated for great cooperation between every life in the earth, animals, plants and human beings. Without your support, I will not be able to renew my youth.”

Environment is our lifeblood. We can not image how to survive if the environment is being polluted as it harms our health.