Secondary School nó 24 - Kyrgyzstan

Handmade on cotton cloth with a non-GMO theme - cross stitched fruit and vegetables and bird. There is a written  slogan: 'No way for GMO'. The child says about natural bio crops that are not GMO contaminated. 


Plasticine fruit tree and its surrounding nature: flowers, fir tree, mouses (made from felt). The ground is made from clay, painted in dark brown and handled by placticine. All living things live in harmony.

Basket with different fruit and vegetables. Plasticine and fir tree pieces used. The child shows safe food, the food that we should eat. There are beans, grapes, carrot, apple and pear. And the basket is made from a plastic bottle. The vase is made from plasticine and decorated by beans. There are cotton flowers in it. The child used seeds to beautify his work piece.

A wattled plate with handmade and clay fruits on it. They are organic and bio, so safe to eat. They are not GMO,                 and do not contribute to soil pollution

The Child wants to say we can better life and everything is in our hands. There is a seed in hands in picture. Seed contains all information about future crop. Correct seed selection is in our hands and results save crops. By using this process, we can better life.   

This is a picture drawn by colour pencils. It shows 3 main crops in kyrgyzstan which are in rotation. They are grown as organic according to organic farming requirements. The child understands bio crop rotation because her parents are bio farmers.   

The work piece is made from paper and carton paper. Shows human who is a farmer in his home improvement.                 There is a field which farmer farms,his chopper and his home and apartment and school. There also we can see                      a rotary disc on the nail, and life cycle drawn on it, which means that human, animals and plants are closely             interrelated and constitute the whole nature

A  colourful booklet which contains fruits and mushrooms. The owner of this masterpiece says that her fruits                       and mushrooms are from their field and safe to eat. 

This is a picture drawn by colour pencils: blue sky, ripe apples, green grass and smiling happy tree. The tree is happy because of right or true biodiversity

This is an appliqué of flowering apricot tree.