Siddhi's Blog

Siddhi Kushwah, from Swayam Academy, India, was last year awarded the official title of Textile Exchange World Environment Day Ambassador for 2013 after she stole everyone's hearts by speaking about her dreams for the future of the environment (you can view Siddhi's speech at the bottom of this page). 

Now aged 11, Siddhi has blossomed in her role as Ambassador and has become an active promoter of organic and sustainabile practices. She has now started writing a blog so that she can spread her views further afield - and this page is where you can read her entries. Let's support Siddhi in her dream to create a more sustainable world!

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Small effort to Conserve the Environment -  22nd September 2014 

India is a country called the country of festivals. In these festivals every Indian feels their life. In 
these festivals the most popular is Ganesh Utsav. People celebrate this festival for ten days, They 
worship of Lord Ganesh murti(Idol) in their house, in their colony and at many places. These murti
(Idol) are about 6 inches to 6 foots in size. The maximum mutris are made up of Plaster of Paris(POP),
 and to decorate these murtis, people use Toxic chemical colors. At the end of this festival people 
submerge the Lard Ganesh murti in river, pond, drain etc. Because these are the source of water of 
living things but after submerging the murti it gets polluted.

To save this precious environment Siddhi tried a small thing that she submerged the murti in bucket 
at home instead of any water source.  And after merging the murti in water she dig a pit to pour this 
water. She had one resolution that from next year she will bring a eco friendly murti of Ganesh. 
She will encourage to her friends and class mates to this works.


My First Blog - 11th July 2014

My father is also administrator in the school where i study. School starts in june every year. And 
the mansoon rain comes after 3-4 days of starting the school. I used to see my father planting the 
trees in the school campus after coming rain. Once I asked to my father that Why do you plant trees…? 
so he answered that we get Oxygen from the tree which is very important to live. We should plant 
trees to reduce the globle warming.

That time I was in class-1 . So not able to understand much. I got only one thing that we get shelter 
from the trees. But now I am in class -6 and there is an Environment Study book in my course. So 
now I am understanding that what is the globle warming. Now I got that the trees their plantation is 
important . We need fresh air to reduce the pollution and to live and which we get from these trees. 

We like the birds tweet seating on trees. when we were living in our old home. There were many 
trees around my home. so many birds used to come there and I use to offer them Nuts and drinking 
water in a pot. But now in my new home here the trees are far fraom my home. so the birds don’t 
come here. I miss them. Today, when I play under the trees which were planted by my father, 
feel so happy and glad. So I will also plant tree as much as possible by me. And I will request to 
people for planting the tree. I always imagine that when the tree will grow so the people will also 
feel happy. And this year I gifted plants to teachers on teacher day.

So, I request to all of you that if you love your children,family and environment so please plant one tree.
Hope you all will do……..
Yours ……
Siddhi Kushwah

Siddhi's Speech

Here you can watch Siddhi's original speech, which led her to being chosen as Textile Exchange's World Environment Day Ambassador for 2013 (click on the image opposite).

Below is a rough translation of what Siddhi says: 

Siddhi narrates the dream she holds in her mind... to see this wonderful world beautiful and free from any pollution. For she thinks that everyone should be made aware of keeping this land pollution free. We are born and survive in this land. This is our moral duty to save it. She also emphasizes on keeping its fertility by avoiding the use of chemical products for production. Organic production of agriculture will surely keep us healthy and wealthy, if we all go for that. She has laid emphasis on the major issue of Global Warming... Though it is a very difficult task, every step in doing good will be just like a mile walk.