Special Education Unit, Children’s Palace Guangzhou -China

I like the various animals within a farm. There is tigers, cotton-like sheep, cows, little chicken, little ducks, dogs, spiders, and we can grow peppers, cabbage, tomatoes and durians. Even  the manure of animals can be used. I like plants fighting zombies, so there is such on every drawing. 


Cotton protected by pepper, pumpkin, scarecrow is living very happily

A farm with lots of plants produce healthy dimsum

May farms be blessed with blue sky and white clouds every day 

Healthy farms produce tasty pork dumpling

Worry-free food comes from happy farms

My favorite dumplings and sesame cake comes from a happy cotton farm

Created by: dai rui, liao ziping, xie ke, hu rui, wu jiamin, liang siqi, su yingyi, wang hao, zhou xuantong, kuang weiwen,           li hongwei and wu xinyu.

From Guangdong food culture students imagine the production story behind. When they draw dimsum baskets, they appreciate the blessings of nature, and hard work of uncle farmers. Using drawing pens to draw the ideal farms in each and every one of their hearts.