Swayam Academy - India

She narrates as she has a dream in her mind to see this wonderful world beautiful and free from any pollution. For she thinks that everyone should be made aware of keeping this land pollution free. We are born and survive in this land. This is our moral duty to save it. She also emphasises keeping its fertility by avoiding use of chemical products for production. Organic produce of agriculture will surely keep us healthy and wealthy, if we all go for that. She has laid emphasis on the major issue of Global Warming. Though it is a very difficult task, but, every step in doing so good will be just like a mile walk.

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She has shown here through the picture that lack of nutritious values cause disease. If we want to be healthy                         in the present scenario, we will have to find the alternative of organic food. Organic food is free from chemicals                       and possesses strong nutrition and keeps the environment safe.

He has expressed his feelings through his drawing on Past and Present life styles of how village people performed                 their routine activities in a haphazard manner. Now they are being literate and aware of  proper sanitation and keeping           water and surroundings clean and hygienic. 

She has made a model of an Eco-garden. The wind energy may be used as a source to generate electricity. Green plants are better resources to keep the atmosphere clean and  food for the animals which favours proper food chain also.

The emphasis is laid on keeping our surroundings clean and hygienic, which makes our life happy. Our small efforts can save the earth from all sorts of pollution, but this awareness must be spread among all. The progress of a country also depends on the effort by all.