Tribal Residential School, Bandhpari - India

Saraswati Bag belongs to a small farmer family of the Khajuriguda village under Bijepur Post Office of Kalahandi district, Odisha. Main crops under cultivation are paddy, ragi, and sunflower. Besides cultivation, her father runs  a small business for sustenance of the family. She has two sisters and two brothers. The girl here attempts to emphasise the need for following traditional cultivation practices to preserve our environment and preserve the balance of ecology.


Through this beautiful portrait, Anupama has tried to portray that through religious practices, unknowingly the villagers maintain a balance in their diet. Usually, in these tribal areas, offerings of fruits, cakes, vegetables etc are used in different rituals which happen almost every fortnight. Unknowingly the tribals are able to consume a diverse nutrients  through these offerings. 

Through this portrait the boy has pitched the benefits of organic practices in cultivation & its fruitfulness in our daily life. In this portrait he distinctively draws his attentions to avoid chemicals & use of eco-friendly tools & implements. Generally, all tools & applications presented in this piece of drawing are available in the locality  and are devoid of any kind of dependency on the market.

This picture draws the attention of necessity of preservation of local seeds for future use. As the availability of varieties of local seeds becomes more and more difficult due to lack of proper storage & technical knowhow, this portrait sends a message to spreserve the invaluable local seeds from going extinct

In this picture the girl tries to pitch different methodologies used to conserve soil & water as it is  the most disturbing problem that the human race faces today.

In his drawing, Paramand tried to depict the use of local seeds & organic agricuture as a holistic cultivation practice and his vision of an organic village. His expression tries to send a message that organic products will ultimately benefit our health & environment.

In this drawing Raghunath draws the attention to preservation of local seeds so that options for availability of different food in the locality will be plenty. 

In this pictorial presentation, this boy has tried his best to pitch his imagination on bio-diversity seen around his surroundings. He has drawn his imagination to a little dept by identifying each one of living organism found around his surroundings. It is one of the crucial elements for functioning of ecosystem which provides products & services with balancing the ecology. 

Through her drawing she has shown the divergence of food in her locality. 

6  girls participated in this CRAFT work.  They came forward with the idea of envisioning and creating an ideal organic village. In their imagination of a village, it is free from pollution, free from use of chemicals in agriculture to supply a toxic free food chain and maintain hygienic surrounding in the village