WED Winning Entries

Textile Exchange is proud to partner 24 of our member brand, retailers, manufacturers and organic cotton producer groups World Environment Day (WED). Together we supported 12 local schools, many in the heart of an organic cotton growing community. Read more here and follow the pictorial trail here.

Each child created a masterpiece of art or craft – “From the field to my plate” - looking at the different food crops, grown alongside the cotton, that they enjoy eating on a regular basis.

The competition was not only about the various foods grown in organic cotton fields but how the child pitched the advantages of local, safe, fresh food production, cooking and the importance of nutrition, to their schoolmates, parents, and teacher.

Every participating child is an Ambassador for World Environment Day, there is no doubt about that. However, there was one little girl Siddhi Kushwah aged 10 from Swayam Academy in India, who stole the hearts of all of us and is awarded: Textile Exchange World Environment Day Ambassador for 2013.

We think the beautiful artwork prepared by the children from the 12 schools (spanning 6 different countries) speak louder than words. We invite you to take the journey and delight in the beauty and profound visual and written messages provided by the children.




Siddhi narrates the dream she holds in her mind... to see this wonderful world beautiful and free from any pollution. For she thinks that everyone should be made aware of keeping this land pollution free. We are born and survive in this land. This is our moral duty to save it. She also emphasizes on keeping its fertility by avoiding the use of chemical products for production. Organic production of agriculture will surely keep us healthy and wealthy, if we all go for that. She has laid emphasis on the major issue of Global Warming... Though it is a very difficult task, every step in doing good will be just like a mile walk.