Profile Overview
Country Benin
Structure NGO sponsored producer group
No. of Farmers 542
Women Farmers 127
Contact Details
Contact Mr VODOUHE Davo
Telephone +229 95607868
02 BP 8033
Cotton Crops About our Organic Cotton
Fibre staple length Medium
About the status of our products
Organic certification EU (CE) No 834/2007
Fairtrade Fairtrade certified
Our other Cash CropsCrops we grow commercially include: Bissap Cashew Cassava/Tapioca Chilies Cowpea Maize Millet Okra Pigeon Pea Pinenuts Sorghum Soya Vegetables (seasonal)

As part of an organic farm system other crops are grown. These crops help build the soil, add nutrients and trap insects. They also provide food for the farmers' families and local community. Crop diversification allows organic cotton farmers to grow other cash crops for export too. Read more about farm system crops in our ‘Crop Diversification Report’ available on the Textile Exchange website.

Our Message

OBEPAB promotes organic farming in Benin, West Africa. As one of the pioneers of organic cotton production in Africa, the success of OBEPAB's model is visible in the improved yields.

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