United States of America

Growing Season: 2011-12

States: California, North Carolina, Texas

General Staple Lengths: Medium, Extra Long

No. of Producer Groups: 6

No. of Farmers: 40

Organic Cotton Production Area: 6,495 ha

Seed Cotton Production: 4,772 mt

Fiber (lint) Production: 1,580 mt

Bales (US) of Cotton Lint: 7,252



 Expert's Insight: Jimmy Wedel, TOCMC, Texas



The United States is the third largest conventional cotton-producing nation in the world. The United States is also ranked third in the world for consumption of cotton. Organic cotton is grown in California, New Mexico and Texas with the majority of organic cotton grown in Texas, representing an estimated 80-90 percent of the total. However, there has been a decline in the number of farms growing organic cotton in recent years, particularly in California.

Video: Jerry and Darlene Vogler, TOCMC 

Video: North Carolina Organic Cotton Growers

For more information on organic production in the USA please visit the Organic Trade Association.