By Mr. Kadiraly Imanov, Chairman of BioFarmer Cooperative in collaboration with Shaknoza Kurbanalieva, Helvetas

June’s photo: Kids racing on ponies

Photographer: Marcus Bruehler, professional photographer, Switzerland, hosted by Helvetas in Zurich

About the photo: The boys on the ponies are racing in the field in Baymunduz village, Bazarkorgon district in the south of Kyrgyzstan. The land belongs to the organic farmers of the BioFarmer Cooperative. Organic farmers have to follow crop rotation and you can see hay fields in the picture. The hay is grown very often as main fodder for livestock.

Horses or donkeys are used in the field for ploughing or carrying necessary field items. Usually every child in rural areas can ride the horses and they often organize racing games. The racing boys in the picture are pretending to play the Kyrgyz national horse game called “Ulak tartysh” where several people on horseback propel an object towards the goal. The boys are growing up strong and they will protect their village from wolves attacking the cattle. Kyrgyz people are nomadic people and they often spend their summer time in the “jayloos” - remote pasture areas where children often join their parents to enjoy their summer holidays and ride horses every day.  

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