By Liesl Truscott, Textile Exchange

May’s photo: Grow. Organic Cotton.

Photographer: Cal Talbot, Talbot Photography, UK

About the photo:  Last year Textile Exchange joined forces with Gossypium and Mantis World to produce our first campaign t-shirt “Love. Organic Cotton”. That summer my colleague Hanna and I, along with our T-shirt campaign co-ordinator Kathryn, roped in a group of local mums, dads, and kids to dress up in our organic cotton t-shirts and be photographed in a nearby organic vegetable allotment. Despite early showers in the morning the sun came out enough to get the kids (and their parents) out in ‘welly boots’ and tee-shirts. Because it involved dirt and water the kids had a great time – which made for some fantastically natural shots. In this one George (aged 3 years) practices his gardening skills. Later, over tea and biscuits we all had the opportunity to chat about organic cotton, agro-ecology, and how the better price for organic cotton can make all the difference to farmers’ futures, and most importantly the future of their kids. 

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