By Kay Chen, Mecilla Limited, China

August’s photo: The True Meaning of Love

Photographer: Kay Chen, Mecilla Limited, China

About the photo:  Eleven year old XIAOYU is singing "The True Meaning of Love” to the organic cotton crop on her parents land in Yongji, in Shanxi Province, China during a rural summer camp for children. Kay Chen was running the activity together with a friend. Her friend taught singing; Kay took photos of the singing. This outdoor music concert was conducted because it is believed that plants grow better when they hear music and singing.

Urban migration is a common problem in rural China - when children grow up, they tend to move to the cities. The intention of this summer camp is to let these kids understand their home, get in touch with the land and its villages, and develop a sense of belonging for the future. The annual summer camp is just for rural children, though some of them are studying outside of the villages in places such as Yongji city, Yuncheng city, Taiyuan or Beijing.

‘The True Meaning of Love’ - The lyric is from the Bible, Corinthians, Chapter 13. This song is popular with Christians, and well known amongst Chinese people.

“Love never gives up. And its faith, hope, and patience never fail.”