By Simplice Davo Vodouhe, OBEPAB

December’s photo: We Live the Best Life in the Evening

Photographer: Silvère Tovignan, Textile Exchange)

About the photo:  

In the village of Kassakou, Kandi, North Benin there are two organic cotton farmers’ groups of about 70 farmers. The farmers are supported by the Organisation Béninoise pour la Promotion de l’Agriculture Biologique. ‘OBEPAB’ was founded in 1995 to promote organic agriculture in Benin; focusing on cotton where the health and environmental hazards are highest.

In the photo, the village leader and pioneer of organic cotton, SIOH NGOBI Mounou and his wife SIOH NGOBI Moussou are being interviewed by Silvère Tovignan. Mr NGOBI explains how, during the French colonial period when cotton was introduced to Benin, no one used agrochemicals. Then, with the introduction of agrochemicals, along came all the health problems. He concludes by saying that for them organic is the best choice: The revenue is almost all income... With no health complaints! “After the harvest, we sell our cotton and do not need to deduct any credit fees from our income. We prefer suffering in the morning and to live the best life in the evening”.