By Jayanti Mishra, Pratibha Syntex Pvt Ltd, India 

February’s Photo: The educated homemaker makes an educated family, and that makes the country’s future.  

Photographer: Nikita Dutt

About the photo: Saroj is the wife of a farmer, Govardhan, who practices organic cotton farming for Vasudha. Here she is teaching her son Rohit. 

‘Vasudha Organic farms’ is in one of the villages in Madhya Pradesh, India, where organic cotton farming is practiced. The farmer and their family, at the grass roots level, is the foundation of a country’s security and growth. They provide us food, authentic values, and forms the roots of our heritage. An educated and enlightened farmer is our hope for the future as much as our connection to the past. The mother is the first teacher. Learning from her creates the character of the child and the nation.  

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