By Romain Michel, Todo Bom?

March’s Photo: In this photo Balthazar, a Brazilian organic cotton farmer, entertains Tudo Bom?'s Thomas Favennec and Romain Michel.

Photographer: Romain Michel

About the photo: Balthazar lives in the Sertão do Pajeú, a semi-arid region of Pernambuco, Northeast Brazil. In a land historically dominated by large and abusive landowners, monoculture, land clearing and burning, and agrochemicals, Balthazar was a pioneer in experimenting agroecological practices.

Through the support of the NGO Diaconia and the Projeto Dom Helder Camara, of the Brazilian Ministry of Agricultural Development, he became an expert in organic practices, and is now a recognized leader in the region. He grows over 10 varieties of crops, fruits and vegetables on his land, and has been selling his organic cotton to Tudo Bom? since 2008.

The picture was taken when Romain Michel and Thomas Favennec (the directors of Tudo Bom? in Brazil) visited Balthazar's place. After a good night's sleep at the farm, everybody was up at 4:30 A.M. to take care of the animals and visit the cultivation areas. As we walked through the crops, the didactic lesson of agroecology evolved into a funky photo session, and we all agreed on the conclusion: yes, it is possible to change the world with fun and optimism!