By Jubilee House Community

November’s photo: Don't Burn Your Money

Photographer: Becca Mohally Renk, Jubilee House Community

About the photo:  

This is a photo of a contraption that the farmers at the St. Francis of Assisi Cooperative in Malpaisillo, Nicaragua invented to plant their cotton seed.  While we were there, one of the cotton farmers related the story of what happened when they first met our agronomist and learned about organics: 

“When Raul first came out here with the sesame program, he saw our cattle pens and asked what we did with the excrement.  We told him that getting rid of the excrement was a real problem, and that we usually burned it.  He threw up his hands and said, ‘Boys!  You’re burning your money!’ Then he had us do a test... plant one field with chemical fertilizer, and another with cow manure. The field with cow manure yielded a 50% increase over the field with chemical fertilizers. After that we began using the cow manure, and then we began buying it from other farmers.  They saw the value of it and began raising the price, and now you can’t buy cattle manure for love or money, because everyone puts it on their own fields!” Co-op President Diego Treminio.