By Tohoku Cotton Project

October’s photo: Sprouting new hope – Revival from Tsunami

Photographer: Yukihide Nakano,Tohoku Cotton Project

About the photo:  On March 11th, 2011, the terrible earthquake occurred in Tohoku - the north east part of Japan, and the huge area of farmland was covered with salty water from the sea by the Tsunami.

At “Tohoku Cotton Project”, we have planted cotton where the farmers cannot produce rice and other crops anymore and we aim to restart the farming there. We are working with several textile companies to create new fashion collections using “Cotton from Tohoku” and hope to stabilize farming and employment again for the community.

We are also aiming to convert some of this cotton to certified ‘organic’. It might be difficult, but we want to build a sustainable bridge from Tohoku to our future society.

We do this project in collaboration with farmers, cotton manufacturers, apparel brands, retailers, and consumers to encourage the recovery for people of Tohoku.

Links:  http://www.tohokucotton.com/en/