By Michael Krause, hessnatur

September’s photo: Harvest of Organic Cotton

Photographer: Michael Krause, hessnatur

About the photo:  This photo is taken in Fuanliedi, a village in the eastern part of Burkina Faso, close to the city of Fada N’ Gourma. The farmers are picking the organic cotton by hand. It gets hot here in the middle of the day with temperatures reaching around 95 degrees Fahrenheit – you can see the shimmer of heat in the photo. In the background you can just make out some shea nut trees – also organic thanks to the organic nature of the cotton. The shea, for shade as well as their delicious fruit, make this tree a welcome addition on the farms.

Growing cotton organically means eliminating pesticide-related illnesses, and helping to improve the personal as well as economic health of farmers and their families. For the organic cotton the farmers receive a purchase guarantee from hessnatur for their entire harvest, plus an organic fair trade premium of 40 percent above the price for conventional cotton.  This gives the farmers in Burkina Faso a living income. At hessnatur we believe that what you wear makes a difference. And Burkina Faso is a place where that difference begins.