Learning Journey

“Attention must focus on the extent to which farmers can improve food production and raise incomes with low cost, locally-available technologies and inputs, and this is particularly important as fuel and agro-chemical prices increase. Agricultural development must be achieved without causing further environmental damage and economic development will depend in part on the extent of a farmers’ ability to trade.”

Food and Agriculture Organization, 2009

The Farm Hub Learning Journeys offer you the chance to discover the world of organic cotton through our image-enhanced short stories. All information is based on well researched publications or our own data and research.

Our first learning journey explains how organic cotton production systems benefit grower communities. Following this, our next journey delves into the growing of organic cotton. Once you have familiarised yourself with these learning journeys why not take the full tutorial!

We hope you enjoy finding out about the benefits of organic cotton and how to grow it. Coming soon, our next learning journey will follow organic cotton from 'fiber to fashion'. Watch this space...