Organic in Action

Each year we accompany our Farm & Fiber Report with a compilation of Cotton Briefings. This year we will be releasing our second issue of Cotton Briefings a little differently.

In our first issue, we focussed on the environmental and socio-economic impacts associated with cotton farming and provided information and research on the positive role of organic cotton agriculture. This year we become more personal; moving from ‘why do’ to ‘how to do’.

As part of our 10 year anniversary, we are dedicating our second issue of Cotton Briefings to a series of short personal commentaries themed around Organic in Action. Each commentary has been prepared by a leading figure or organisation, dedicated to actively engaging in organic cotton programs, innovative research, ambitious partnerships, and exciting new ventures. Some form a subset of stories of cooperatives building a better world, and we will be posting these on the International Year of Cooperatives

In Organic in Action you will hear words of inspiration in the many voices of Textile Exchange’s members and friends. Each spotlight has been carefully crafted by the author - whether farmer, researcher, or business manager - to take you on a journey of discovery; a personal journey, and each a unique contribution towards a more sustainable world. 

Follow each Organic in Action posting on the Textile Exchange Farm Hub throughout the year.