Organic Cotton Round Table

Platform for Collective Action & Incubator for Great Ideas

In 2012, after many years of steady growth, production of organic cotton began to decline. Yet demand for organic cotton fiber continued to grow. In response to the decline, Textile Exchange declared a Call to Action and initiated the Organic Cotton Round Table (OCRT). Read more background on the OCRT here.

Eliminate Barriers to Growth                 

The OCRT aims to eliminate the barriers that are leading to the current decline in organic cotton production, and consequently to enable the current growth in demand to be met and capitalized on.

Collaborate and Grow

The primary objective of the OCRT is to find ways to collaborate in order to grow the sector, share best practices at every stage, build supportive partnerships, and improve supply and livelihood security. 

Work Together

Growers, processors and vendors of organic cotton operate in a highly autonomous market environment. On one hand this autonomy allows independence and a market-driven approach to address sustainable development, on the other hand thereis no central structure to support the organic cotton community.

Many individual efforts are being made to advance organic cotton, and the OCRT will bring together the relevant stakeholders to collectively explore opportunities to grow the sector, creating a result that is greater than the sum of its parts.

We hope you can join us and be part of the solution! Find out what others are saying here.

Annual Meeting Of The OCRT




Every year since its inception, the OCRT has held an in person meeting alongside the annual Textile Exchange Sustainability Conference. The first was Hong Kong in 2012, followed by Istanbul in 2013 and Portland in 2014.

This year, the meeting will be held in Mumbai on 8thOctober 2015. Keep an eye on the Mumbai 2015 page as more information will be released soon.  

How To Get Involved

Talk To Us – Tell us what you think and share your ideas!

Join Our annual OCRT Meetings – Participate in our face-to-face meetings and help shape the future of sustainability in fiber production.

Sign Up To Our OCRT Task Forces – Together we can build a more sustainable and rewarding business for the organic cotton sector.


Liesl Truscott, European & Farm Engagement Director 

Lisa Emberson, Farm Program Coordinator