Partners For 2015


Fairtrade international is part of the international Fairtrade system, which represents the world's largest and most recognized system promoting fair trade. Organic and Fairtrade initiatives share very similar values, as well as some similar challenges, and we are therefore delighted to see the long running partnership between the OCRT and Fairtrade continue this year in Mumbai.


The Pre Organic Cotton (POC) Program began in 2008 and is managed by Japanese companies Kurrku and ITOCHU. POC helps cotton farmers in India make the transition to organic by giving guidance on farming methods during the three-year transition period, and supporting the organic certification process.


Green Cotton Project, developed under FiBL and supported by Mercator Foundation Switzerland, is a participatory cotton breeding program for organic and resource efficient cropping systems in India.

  This year’s OCRT will be run as a joint event with the fourth face-to-face meeting of the Global Organic Cotton Community Platform, a collaborative project involving ICCOSECOHELVETAS  Swiss Intercooperation and Textile Exchange.
bioRe Foundation, initially set up by ethical Swiss textile company Remei AG in 1983 before becoming its own entity in 1991, works in Tanzania and India to improve the living conditions of farming families, producing organic cotton which continues to be sold solely to Remei AG.


The Global Organic Textile Standard is a comprehensive standard that allows companies to ensure that their organic fiber products are produced to very strict criteria relating to quality, tracking, and social and environmental considerations. Textile Exchange is a strong supporter of GOTS, and we encourage all companies to strive to have their products meet this important standard.

CottonConnect is a pioneering company with a social purpose, delivering business benefits to retailers and brands by creating more sustainable cotton supply chains. TE has worked closely with CottonConnect for a number of years and is delighted to see them become "Friends" of this year's OCRT in Mumbai. 


  UK based research and consulting business Change Agency helps companies to anticipate, plan and deliver change successfully, and is ‘an antidote to traditional consultants’. Change Agency will this year be a formal partner of the OCRT and continue to support and facilitate the effective running of this ever-popular event, providing particular assistance in the running of the new Innovation Lab. 

Luminous Energy specialises in the planning and development of large-scale photovoltaic power plants, from initial site selection to connection and commissioning. We are happy to welcome them as the new corporate partner of the inaugral Innovation Lab, which will take place during the OCRT 2015 in Mumbai. 


If you are interested in collaborating with TE on this year's Organic Cotton Round Table event in Mumbai, please contact Liesl Truscott ( for details.  

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