Trading Post

“For small agricultural businesses - such as farmer associations - to tap into the global market demand for sustainable products, they need capital to secure product, sustain operations, and invest in growth.  Many of these businesses comprise what is called the financial “missing middle" because while their funding needs are too large for microfinance institutions, they lack the collateral required by traditional banks to qualify for loans.  However, by working together, value chain actors can reduce risk, facilitate small business' access to credit, and create shared value.”

Jesse Last, Root Capital


The Trading Post is an online marketplace for the exchange of organic cotton and textiles (seed cotton, fiber, cotton products, and other farm products). Producers and traders are able to actively market their product availability in real-time – and those interested in procurement can search availability or post a notice expressing their interest. Listings are publicly available.

This space supports producer-led trading to take place. Brands, retailers and other procurers of organic cotton, are able to connect directly with producer groups or their marketing partners and source directly. 

Advantages of using the Textile Exchange Trading Post include:

  • Direct marketing and sales of products
  • Global reach through a trusted partner
  • No cost to posters or users of the service
  • Follow up support by Textile Exchange available on request

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