On Offer

The Trading Post provides a place for organic cotton producers and traders to advertise their products. In-conversion cotton and other cash crops, grown as part of the organic farm system, may also be listed here. Our Trading Post goes beyond the farm to support organic cotton yarn and textile businesses, including artisan and traditional textile specialists. 

The following table lists out the products on offer and the producers, manufacturers, and traders that are marketing them.  Click on the Producer or Trader name or the [View] link to learn more about the items on offer. If you wish to make a posting please download the product template and send your completed form into us: farm@textileexchange.org 

Producer / Trader 


Aratex Paraguay   [View] [View] [View] [View]
Arvind India [View] [View]      
Bergman Rivera Peru   [View] [View]   [View]
Bio Farmer Kyrgyzstan   [View]      
BioSustain Tanzania   [View]      
Chetna India [View] [View] [View] [View] [View]
Coproexnic Nicaragua [View] [View]      
MOBIOM Mali [View] [View]      
Naturtex Peru   [View] [View] [View] [View]
Otto Stadtlander Israel   [View]      
SRC Creations India   [View] [View] [View] [View]
Sunstar India [View] [View]      
UNPCB Burkina Faso [View] [View]